Mobile Application Advantages for Your Clinic

The increase in Internet and mobile application usage is discussed and the benefits of incorporating mobile applications into dental clinics to facilitate operations are highlighted. Medicasimple's mobile app facilitates location-independent access, increases operational ease, and increases patient confidence through technological integration into clinic management.
Written by
Altug Guzeloglu
Published on
May 20, 2022

Especially after the pandemic, internet usage has experienced the largest increase in the past decade, with a growth of 10.2%, and mobile application usage has also benefited from this surge, showing a 40% increase. Similarly, in the field of health, mobile application usage is like riding the wave of technology for dental clinics in this era where paper is giving way to digital.


As the Medicasimple team, we are always working hard to assist dental clinics in integrating with technology, enabling them to perform simple tasks more efficiently in this era where paper is transitioning to digital. In this article, we will discuss the advantages of having a mobile application in dental clinics.


Location and Time Independence

Undoubtedly, one of the greatest benefits of technology is the ability to manage your tasks anytime, anywhere with internet access. With the Medicasimple mobile application, you can stay informed about developments in your clinic, check patient records, assign tasks to your staff, and remotely manage your clinic from your phone, whether you are on vacation, at home, visiting relatives, or in a meeting—basically, anywhere outside the clinic.


Ease of Use

The widespread use of mobile phones has turned accessing dental clinic's patient and appointment records via mobile applications into a significant advantage. Not every doctor, secretary, or intern may have a computer, and the Medicasimple mobile app allows tasks to be performed on the phone in such situations. This eliminates the need for every employee to acquire a computer, reducing costs, and makes access easier, allowing all staff to manage their tasks with the clinic management system.


The use of mobile applications in clinics is somewhat like transitioning from wired headphones to Bluetooth headphones or upgrading to a higher model of phone. There may be initial hesitation, but the convenience becomes apparent once used. Although there might have been skepticism initially, today, almost every healthcare institution uses technological devices:

- Platforms where patient records are kept

- Medical imaging devices

- 3D printers

- Aesthetic design programs

Ease of Access

A hybrid system dominates within clinics with both fixed and mobile elements, and due to the working conditions, staff members have high mobility. It is crucial for everyone to have instant access to data, not only from computers but also from mobile devices, contributing to the momentum of healthcare teams.


Through the Medicasimple mobile app, clinic managers and doctors can perform their tasks on their phones. Managers can assign tasks with a single click from their pockets whenever they want. Doctors can view their appointments, be aware of the workload, and monitor the conditions of their patients. This allows the entire clinic to operate cohesively, with all team members seeing what they are doing and what they will do in an organized manner on a single interface.


Additionally, in case of any disagreement or uncertainty that may arise within the clinic, you can easily control it with the automatically recorded data. The biggest problems with paper-based record-keeping processes are the loss of papers and the inability to quickly find a needed record. With mobile applications using cloud technology, these problems are now a thing of the past. With the Medicasimple software, any word related to a patient or appointment that needs to be searched within the application is instantly displayed thanks to advanced search optimization.


Operational Ease

The ability to perform tasks on mobile devices that can also be done on computers is a great relief for clinics. After downloading the Medicasimple application to their smartphones, all clinic staff with the necessary authorization can record patient information. In addition, in-house assignments can be made, appointments can be scheduled for doctors, or existing appointments can be canceled.


In the old systems, the secretary used to send a photo of the next day's appointments to the physician every evening. However, when changes were made to appointments that concerned them, physicians used manual methods to stay informed. Today, with mobile application notifications, they can instantly see developments that concern them in detail and remember them from the notification history if they forget.


Furthermore, clinic management software allows online appointment control and detailed analysis of canceled or postponed appointments. In the financial field, many features such as adding payments and recording payments are at the fingertips of the clinic team.


The Medicasimple mobile application will allow your patients to schedule appointments, make payments, ask questions, and leave feedback from their phones. Moreover, our application can provide instant notifications conveying important information to patients, such as last-minute available appointments. The convenience of patients being able to handle their procedures so easily will make your clinic their favorite, and with the Medicasimple clinic management system, you can confidently fill your patient chairs.


When your patients see that your clinic is integrated with technology—without the possibility of any errors or neglect due to human negligence, such as busyness or forgetfulness—they will feel at ease. The Medicasimple team understands how crucial it is to gain patient trust and is always working towards that goal.


In this article, we discussed the increase in internet and phone usage rates after the pandemic and the advantages of dental clinics with mobile applications compared to others. If you have any questions, you can contact us at or +90 212 281 69 64. We are always happy to assist you.


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