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Medicasimple Intelligence: The Key to Practice Growth

Our intuitive analytics tools are here to guide your practice into the future, giving you the clarity you need to make data-driven decisions tailored to your unique needs.

Engineered for Growth

Utilize Medicasimple's intelligent analytics that deliver accurate, actionable data to your fingertips. Make informed decisions that drive your practice forward, with insights derived from our advanced analytics software.
Customizable dashboard for quick access to key performance indicators.
Easy focus on crucial data points with our intuitive filters.
Deep integration that enables you to view analytics from anywhere within your practice's profile.
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Intuitive graphical representation of your practice's performance.

Tailored Analysis

Design new reports or modify the templates provided to better understand your practice's data.

Customize Provider Insights

Copy certain details from previous reports. Choose your desired metrics. Include a graph with the data. Set custom analysis parameters.

Filtering Options

Customize the view of your data by filtering for appointments, treatments, patient feedback, profitability, etc.

View Insights

Click on an indicator to reveal a detailed analysis of the corresponding metric.

Customize to Your Preference

Rearrange dashboard widgets according to your frequency of use.

Shape Your Practice's Future with Informed Decisions

Determine your practice's position, its future direction, and the strategies required to transform your goals into reality - all of this is within a few clicks. We're here to show you, in a one-on-one setting.

As an orthodontist and clinic owner my main focus is patient care, and Medicasimple allows me to do just that. It handles all the administrative tasks, freeing me up to focus on my patients. Our practice has thrived since we started using it

Dr Ferdi Allaf
Invisalign Diamond APEX Provider
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Medicasimple has revolutionised how we manager our dental practice. It's automated reminders and easy scheduling system have reduced no-shows and improved our patient flow. I would highly recommend to any dental practice

Dr Menekse Tekin

Owner, Naturel Dent


Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the product and billing.
What is the Intelligence feature?
The Intelligence feature is a suite of advanced analytics tools designed to provide actionable insights into your practice's performance. It enables you to analyse key performance indicators, identify trends, anticipate patient needs, and make data-driven decisions.
What type of data can the Intelligence feature analyse?
The Intelligence feature can analyze a wide range of data, including patient demographics, appointment schedules, treatment plans, patient feedback, and profitability metrics.
Can I customize the data analysis?
Yes, the Intelligence feature allows you to customize your data analysis. You can design new reports, modify provided templates, choose your desired metrics, and set custom analysis parameters.
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