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Practice Management
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Highly Functional
Mobile App
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Customer Support
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per surgery / month
An essential access tool for smaller practices with a limited budget
Calendar Management
Treatment Planning
Essential Reporting
Patient Files & Media
Mobile Application
Medicasimple Pay
Custom Consent Forms
Built-in Appointment Reminders
Multiple Currency
Free SMS Integration
Self Service Knowledge Base
Always-On Backups
A Life-time of Free Support
Patien Education Media
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per surgery / month
An end-to-end integrated system for large clinics
Smart Plan Features
Multiple Location
IP Restriction
API Access
Custom Patient Education Media
Zapier Integration
Custom Domain
Third Party Telephony Integration
Key Account Manager
Custom Reports Upon Request
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Ideal for smaller practices, providing essential tools for efficient clinic management.
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Popular for established practices, advanced tools for enhanced workflows and automation.
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Best suited for large clinics, offering personalized services and robust security features.
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Appointment Management
Simplify scheduling with tools designed for efficient calendar management.
Mobile Appointment Management
Access and manage your schedule remotely with our mobile-friendly platform, ensuring you can handle appointments anywhere, anytime.
Custom Appointment Types
Customize appointment types to suit different services, practitioners, or patient needs, enhancing flexibility and specificity in scheduling.
Patient arrival notifications.
When a patient is marked as arrived by the clinic's front desk, a notification is sent to the relevant doctor and matched staff members on their phone and smartwatch, indicating the patient's arrival at the clinic.
Built-in Appointment Reminders
Automatically send appointment reminders to patients to reduce no-shows and cancellations, ensuring a smoother schedule management.
Online Appointment
Allow patients to book their appointments online at their convenience, improving accessibility and patient satisfaction.
Appointment Self Confirmation
Enable patients to confirm their appointments through a self-service portal, reducing administrative workload and enhancing patient engagement.
Appointment Survey Automation
Automatically send post-appointment surveys to gather feedback from patients, helping to improve service quality and patient experience.
Recall Automation
Automate the process of scheduling follow-up appointments and reminders, ensuring continuous care and improving patient retention.
Patient Management
Patient Profile
This serves as a patient card, providing a comprehensive overview of the patient’s diagnosis, treatment plans, payments, appointments, forms, and more, consolidating all relevant information into a single profile.
Elastic Patient Search
Quickly retrieve patient information using our flexible and powerful search function, designed to handle extensive data sets efficiently.
Image & File Upload
Securely upload and manage patient images and documents, ensuring you have all necessary information easily accessible through your phone
Patient Activity Feed
Track all patient interactions in a comprehensive activity feed, helping you monitor patient engagement and history.
Configurable Consent Forms
Create and manage tailored consent forms that align perfectly with the specific requirements and treatments offered by your clinic, ensuring legal compliance and patient understanding.
Patient Education Media
Enhance patient understanding and compliance with a curated collection of educational videos designed to improve health outcomes, and treatment plan acceptance rates
Configurable Digital Forms
Create and manage custom forms tailored to gather specific information from patients, enhancing the relevance and efficiency of data collection.
Communication Logs
Maintain detailed logs of all communications between your clinic and patients, ensuring transparency and facilitating better patient management and follow-up.
Financial Management
In-person payment
This feature records non-online payments made by patients directly at the clinic. These payments are securely logged and can be accessed and managed through both the web and mobile app, providing a seamless overview of all financial transactions.
Online Payment
Utilize a seamless online payment system that integrates with your financial operations, making it easy for patients to pay remotely.
Text to Pay
Enable payments through text messages, providing a convenient and fast way for patients to settle their bills directly from their phones.
QR to Pay
Offer the latest in payment technology with QR code scanning for instant, contactless payments, enhancing patient experience.
Masterpass Infrastructure
Leverage Masterpass technology for secure and efficient digital payments, ensuring quick and reliable processing.
Multiple Currency
Accept and process payments in multiple currencies, accommodating the diverse financial needs of your patients.
E-Invoice Integration
Automate and streamline your billing processes with highly customized electronic invoicing, reducing paperwork and improving accuracy.
Payment Plan & Installment Tracking
Support flexible payment options with detailed tracking of payment plans and installments, aiding both administrative efficiency and patient satisfaction.
Accounting Module
Maintain accurate financial records with our comprehensive accounting module designed for efficient financial management.
Expense Module
Manage and automate recording and tracking of expenses to maintain financial health and operational efficiency.
Expense Automation
Automate your expense management processes to reduce manual workloads and improve accuracy in financial reporting.
Payroll Calculator
Simplify payroll processes with an automated calculator that ensures accurate and timely employee payments.
Inventory Management
Effectively manage your medical and office supplies inventory with real-time tracking and alerts to prevent shortages and overstock.
Treatment Planning
Utilize comprehensive charting tools to record and visualize patient data effectively, aiding in accurate diagnosis and treatment planning.
Treatment Planning
Streamline the creation of detailed treatment plans with tools that allow for easy customization and adjustments based on patient-specific needs.
Diagnostic Viewing in Planning.
Visualize diagnostic results directly within the treatment planning interface. This integration helps ensure that critical diagnostic information is readily accessible, facilitating more informed decision-making and precise treatment planning.
Clinical Notes
Provide a centralized platform for entering and managing clinical notes, ensuring all patient information is easily accessible and securely stored.
Enable electronic prescription capabilities, allowing for seamless creation, renewal, and transmission of prescriptions directly to pharmacies.
Multiple Treatment Lists
Multiple Treatment Lists allow you to create and manage diverse treatment pricing lists, enabling efficient customization and organization of treatment options.
Plan Duplication.
Easily duplicate treatment plans for similar cases, saving time and ensuring consistency in patient care.
Multilingual Plan.
Offer system interfaces and patient communications in multiple languages, enhancing usability and patient engagement in diverse demographics.
General Overview Reports.
Gain valuable insights with detailed reports on various aspects of clinic operations, helping you make informed decisions to improve performance.
End of Day Report.
Automatically generate end-of-day reports to summarize daily activities, financial transactions, and operational metrics, aiding in daily closure and readiness for the next day.
Completed Treatment Report.
Monitor and document all completed treatments, providing comprehensive insights into patient outcomes and treatment effectiveness.
Ongoing Treatment Report.
Track ongoing treatments to ensure timely follow-ups and adjustments, optimizing patient care and resource allocation.
Expense Report
Analyze and manage your clinic's expenses with detailed reports that help identify cost-saving opportunities and financial trends.
Appointment Analytics
Track and analyze cancellations and no-shows with detailed reports, helping to understand trends and improve scheduling strategies.
Collection Analytics
Collection Analytics provides a detailed analysis of your clinic's financial transactions and patient payment patterns. It helps identify revenue trends and areas for improvement in your billing processes, enhancing overall financial management and efficiency
Clinic & System
Maximum Number of Free Users
Scale your clinic operations efficiently by managing the number of users who can access the system without additional cost.
Free Storage per Doctor
Free storage space is provided for each doctor in the clinic for securely managing files such as images, media, and PDFs, ensuring all necessary documentation is readily accessible for comprehensive patient care. This storage is accessible from all devices, providing flexibility and convenience
Unlimited Device Login
This functionality provides clinic staff with unlimited access to their accounts from any device, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and phones, ensuring seamless management of patient records and schedules across platforms.
User Permissions
Control and customize access levels for different users to ensure security and proper management of sensitive patient data.
Clinic Activity
Monitor and record all clinic activities to gain insights into daily operations and patient flow, improving management and planning.
Custom Domain
Enhance your clinic's brand identity with a Custom Domain feature. Instead of a generic address, your system can be accessed at a unique address like, reflecting your clinic's professionalism.
User Language Customization
Customize the system language settings to accommodate the diverse linguistic needs of your staff and patients, enhancing usability.
Multi Location
Manage multiple clinic locations effortlessly from a single platform, ensuring consistent quality and operations across all sites.
Onboarding & Support
Self Service Knowledge Base
The Self Service Resource Hub offers instant access to essential resources such as guides and tutorials, enabling your team to efficiently manage and troubleshoot without needing direct support
Free Live Chat Support
Ensures you have immediate access to assistance whenever needed. This service provides real-time help with any issues or questions, directly through Medicasimple
Online Education
Provide your staff with free online training to ensure smooth onboarding and effective use of the system.
One Session
Two Sessions
Three Sessions
In - Clinic Education
Receive personalized on-site training for your team.
₺1000 per Day
₺1000 per Day
Key Account Manager
Benefit from dedicated support with your own Key Account Manager, who is available to personally handle and prioritize your inquiries and needs, ensuring tailored service and enhanced satisfaction

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the product and billing.
How can I start using Medicasimple?
Yes, you can try us for free for 30 days. Our friendly team will work with you to get you up and running as soon as possible.
Can I change my plan later?
Of course. Our pricing scales with your company. Chat to our friendly team to find a solution that works for you.
What patient data can Medicasimple transfer?
Almost all data such as patient personal information, appointments, treatment plans, SMS communication history, payments, current accounts, and physician allowances.
✓  No data loss
✓  One-to-one transfer
Who will assist with Medicasimple setup and training?
Our team will personally guide you through the whole process. There are also over 100+ articles and videos available in the knowledge base.
✓  Account Manager for all your questions 
✓  Articles and Videos
Will there be a situation where the Medicasimple software cannot be accessed?
This is not quite likely. We are committed to 99.5% availability. Situations where you cannot use Medicasimple are very brief and hardly noticeable. Medicasimple infrastructure is built on many servers that automatically grow when it gets extra load and when one is interrupted, the other one steps in after 2 seconds.
How safe is my data?
The technologies we work with are cutting-edge and security vulnerabilities are constantly checked. We take all possible measures to keep your data in the most secure way. For more information visit our security page
Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Check our Frequently Asked Questions page