Patient Appointment Reports and Methods to Increase Appointment Volume

Medicasimple's cloud-based clinic software seeks to ease the challenges of dental clinic management by offering detailed digital appointment reports and streamlined patient recovery procedures.
Written by
Altug Guzeloglu
Published on
May 20, 2022

As the Medicasimple team, we understand the numerous responsibilities and pressures that come with managing a dental clinic. Achieving goals, ensuring team happiness, and completing the to-do list for providing the best patient experience may seem never-ending. Therefore, with our cloud-based digital clinic software, we strive to minimize the stress of clinic management for you.

Medicasimple's detailed digital appointment reports are just one way to save your valuable time, allowing you to focus more on your patients. While you carry out your tasks, you can track your clinic's progress with the patient analyses provided by Medicasimple, ensuring you can focus on your patients without worrying about your clinic's performance.

Digital weekly reports on lost patients, generated by scanning the appointment calendar automatically, eliminate the need for manual work. These reports include weekly or, if desired, monthly analyses of lost patients. Through these reports, insights into clinic-patient interactions, patient return rates, and analyses of canceled or unrealized appointments become easily accessible with just one click.

Lost Patient Recovery Process

We understand how crucial recovering lost patients is for you. We acknowledge that the process may seem a bit intimidating and time-consuming if you don't fully understand how it progresses. After all, your clinic is your business, and you want to know what's happening.


Understanding the workflow of lost patient recovery is quite easy with a good clinic management software.

- Lost patients are identified through detailed weekly reporting via the online patient tracking program.

- A personalized SMS is sent through clinic management software as part of the patient recovery process.

- Through the sent SMS, the patient can easily request an appointment if desired.

- Once the appointment request is confirmed by the clinic, the patient is informed.

- Medicasimple ensures effective patient recovery with its detailed reporting system.

You can filter your recovered or targeted patients by appointment types. For example, you can send separate messages for missed check-up appointments and missed measurement or fitting appointments. Digital appointment reports work effectively around your clinic's requirements. Medicasimple allows you to send personalized SMS to patients requiring appointments, depending on your customizable settings—eliminating concerns. Not only that, but it also provides an effective notification process by sending SMS at the most appropriate times.

 For instance, if a patient report suggests that a patient needs an appointment on Tuesday next week, you can send them a reminder SMS a specified number of hours before the appointment. This way, effective reminders prevent possible appointment cancellations or no-shows, avoiding the repetition of the same process. Medicasimple's clinic management software maximizes clinic-patient communication.


Why Patient Recovery?

Medicasimple understands the importance of establishing solid and constructive relationships with your patients. Notifying them of upcoming appointments can build closeness, increase patient loyalty, and the likelihood of them returning to your clinic. This practice applies not only to scheduled patients but to all individuals in the patient record system.


It is easy to customize lost patient reports and recovery methods for your clinic. You can adjust payment plans, planned treatments, the last contact date, or appointment day, and set SMS texts as desired. This ensures that your clinic provides the most professional service and a valuable patient experience.

You can easily adjust outgoing message limits and daily schedules—knowing when to expect more calls (call traffic density) and preparing your secretarial team for scheduled calls and reminders. By monitoring upcoming processes in your clinic with the online appointment system, you can take action accordingly.

The Medicasimple online appointment software can effectively utilize informative SMS and reminders, making it easy for your patients to schedule appointments. This results in time savings for you, your team, and your patients.

As the Medicasimple team, we always strive to allow you to dedicate valuable time to yourself and your clinic in dentistry. With online appointments and lost patient recovery, you can fill your clinic's seats, inform your patients, and ensure you provide the best oral health care.

In this article, we discussed the importance of patient analyses for a clinic, how digital patient reports are displayed, the lost patient recovery process, and the significance of sending SMS at the right time.

If you would like information on how to view lost patients, you can read our article titled "Viewing Lost Patients" here, and for details on recovering lost patients via SMS, you can click here to read our article titled "Lost Patient SMS Communication." If you have any questions, you can contact us at or +90 212 281 69 64—we are always happy to help.

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